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There are a lot of original picture of Hakushu-an and selling it on Hakushu-an Web store.
We are enjoying to paint some pictures everyday. And post it Web store.
Please check it out sometimes. I hope our picture makes you happy!

Hakushu-an Web store (WORLD)


■Description of arts (A part of products of web store above )
  Please crick picture of art, if you wanna see detail.

【Title】 Hannnya shinkyo and Kannnon

Drawing Kannon and wrote hannya shinkyo on the behind.

【Art】 Material:Japanese paper    Size:38cm × 28.5cm ×1.7
【Frane】 Color:Black   Size:39.6cm × 30.5cm×4.5
   Material:Wood , Glass  Type : Wall hanging (included string)

【Title】 Ususama Myo-O

Drawing Ususama Myo-O. It has grace of purify toilet. I recommend you the put it on your 
toilet room. Probably coming a luck fo your family.

【Art】Material : Japanese paper  Size:45cm × 29.5cm
【Frame】 Color:Cream    Size:43.2cm × 32.5cm×2.4cm
   Material:Wood , Glass   Type : Wall hanging  (included string)

【Title】Danjiri 6

Danjiri festival, Its a one of the most famous festival in Japan. 
Drawing a scene of the festival.  

【Art】 Material:Japanese paper   Size:42.2cm × 31.5cm
【Frame】 Color:Dark Brown    Size:45.3cm × 35cm×1.3
         Material:Wood、Glass   Type:Wall hanging (included string)

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