E-shakyo paper Hakushu-an original product


●Product : 10 E-shakyo papers (1 set)
●Japanese paper size : 44.7cm × 32.5cm
●Tracing a Hannya Shinkyo that print thinly on Japanese paper to use pen or writing brush.
●Price : ¥5,300 (10 papers 1 set. same design)
 ※It possible volume discount if you want. Please contact us.

■Product introduction
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  1.Dainichi Nyorai   3.Yakushi Nyorai     4.Sei kannon
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  5.Fudo Myo-O sitting 6.Fudo Myo-O stand 7.Kannon Bosatsu
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  8.Kuyo Bosatsu  9.Fudo and Dragon   10.Miroku
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